Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tunage Tuesday - Doctor Who Edition

Knock, Knock! Who's There?
Doctor Who?
Yes, you're correct. 

It's Tuesday! This week I will be focusing on Doctor Who music (okay, mostly the theme song)
and I've found some great videos for you!

First we have The Time Warp by Hillywood

Is this not adorable? It's really well put together. Hilly Hindi amazing and super convincing as the Doctor. The guy that did the voice for the Doctor is pretty amazing as well.
I've included the Behind the Scenes video as well, although it is super long.

Next up we have a few different renditions of the Doctor Who theme

The Human Tim rocks us out with his electric guitar

And The Doubleclicks  rocking out on Cello 

I love the cello case spinning across the screen!

And just for fun...

Timey Wimey...
Anime Doctor Who!

Oh man! This is just sooo awesome! Thanks Nerdist!
I love the creepy Doctor, the sensible Rory and the nose bleeding Amy!

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